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Elizabeth st tattoo
riverside ca 92506
James Warf art www.jimordie.com
Also did this way fun bird on Alyssa last night.  (at Elizabeth St. Tattoo)
One of my paintings from the show tonight. 5x4 oil on canvas. @theafterimagearts thanks everyone for the kind words. Cats (at University Village)
Got to tattoo one of my drawings on my homie @katedogg21 today. I’m a little under the weather but was a blast to do. Thanks loads lady!! #hispanicmail. Haha.  (at Elizabeth St. Tattoo)
Good long session on Josh’s leg today. Way to be radical man.  (at Elizabeth St. Tattoo)
Super fun owl today.  (at Elizabeth St. Tattoo)
Got to do this way fun lady on a flying boar on my dude tony today. Thanks for sitting great man.  (at Elizabeth St. Tattoo)
Made this octopus head lady on Vince today. Super fun one shot Saturday madness. Great way to end the week.  (at Elizabeth Street Tattoo)
Finished up this way fun airship on my homie @mcwhisky. Always fun working on her. I’ll post healed photos when all is healed and calmed down. Good job lady!  (at Elizabeth Street Tattoo)
Knocked another big section on @brotherinferior0  voodoo wolf face town lady!  (at Elizabeth Street Tattoo)
Unicycling bear today.  (at Elizabeth Street Tattoo)